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Maker of the home and with hands 

We find value in a connection to the earth and our community, self sufficient lifestyle choices and adopting a slower pace of living.

We invite you to explore what we do and connect with us.

We look forward to sharing time with you. 

Educators by trade, David and Mary met while working at their local nature center. With their passions for teaching and nature intertwined, they set together on a life of adventure and love. 

Growing up in the foothills of Appalachia, David first discovered his curiosity in the ramblings of string instruments, tromping in river valley hollers flipping logs and tinkering with hot rods. After a stint in the Marine Corps as a bassist and audio engineer, he moved to Michigan where he continued to broaden his trove of interests to include yeast in the form of bread baking and beer brewing. While exploring other various trades, he developed passions for art, ecology, woodworking and more, but his favorite part of any exploration is getting to share it with others. His real adventure began after meeting Mary and he most treasures sharing time with her and their four children. 


Mary spent much of her youth roaming her grandparent's wildflower fields and vegetable gardens on their family's farm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was there she acquired an interest in natural dyes, plant stewardship, canning, baking and fiber arts. Her four young children have deepened her appreciation for the process of life giving and she now works to share her experience and knowledge with others as they embark on their own family journey. Mary supports families as a birth doula in the Ann Arbor area. 

It's on their homestead David and Mary share their interests and joy with others. Contact us to find out how you can get involved! 

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